Woman Who Was Accidentally Pushed onto Subway Tracks

A woman has multiple strangers to thank for saving her life after they alerted an oncoming train to stop so it would not hit her as she laid unconscious on the subway tracks.

The harrowing moment, which was captured on security footage in a Buenos Aires, Argentina subway station, shows a man leaning against the wall before he suddenly passes out and falls forward into a crowd of people.

A woman, who was standing in front of him near the edge of the subway platform, was accidentally pushed over and hurled onto the tracks. From the momentum of the push, she appears to forcefully hit her head, knocking her unconscious.

Just a second later, an oncoming train can be seen approaching the station — which is when multiple commuters jump into action and frantically wave down the conductor to save the helpless woman, who was lying motionless on the tracks.

John and Uduak

AYODELE John and CLEMENT Uduak are student from the University of Benin, Nigeria.

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