God depends on what you know about your life

Topic: God depends on what man know to function in their life (Knowing what to do in life to be relevant)

Knowing details things about yourself is what God is 100% after. Do you know that every man and woman great, famous, wealthy and successful have all this basic product through the reaction of what they know about themselves. Which means spending more time to find out things about your life is very important than chasing your destiny without knowing who you are.

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Jesus who we know spent 30 years to find out about His destiny and purpose on earth, and He used three and a half years to achieve and manifest His purpose. As you can see today His name and works were never forgotten. He departed for a very long time, due to what He has accomplished on earth, the world is trying to fully the understanding and comprehend His manifestation.

God depends on what you know about your life

You can see many people don’t have the time to find out about themselves, so whatever they touch or lay their hands to do quick crumbles. Yea, the question is why? It is because they don’t have the knowledge to sustain what they have started. For been successful means producing the hour to send time.

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Every great future is a prepaid future, any future you can’t prepare for, you can’t sustain. Satan doesn’t have the ability to keep people that lives and destinies before chasing them.

God depends on what you know about your life


When seekers spend their time on something, it increases the understanding of knowing more about that thing. Jesus Christ knows about Himself so He refused to accept the work of a carpenter, He knows being a king is the heart of sacrifice.

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Do you know that everyone born is to advance a family, and where you came from, i.e your family home has no power to choose your destiny. If you don’t know your life, you might live another man’s LIFE.


Your situations or problem does not have the ability to interpret your life, situations will only define your life. Your lineage can’t make you poor. When you are poor, don’t forget you choose it and failed to discover your life. The time people use in doing irrelevant things, use it to discover how to make your life better.

SCRIPTURES: Luke 3:32, 23:3, Psalm 113:7-9


  • May your eyes be opened to know things about their lives, you shall not make the mistake of others.
  • I pray for those that are 40 years and above, as many that have found themselves in a road of pain, difficulty, sorrow due to wrong decisions of life, I send the Angels of LIFE AND IMMORTALITY to locate you and reverse you and give you help that will change your story in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
  • That road that is full of glory, honour, destiny, that nobody in your root was able to identify, I ask the GOD OF LIFE AND IMMORTALITY to open your eyes of understanding to see that road in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

John and Uduak

AYODELE John and CLEMENT Uduak are student from the University of Benin, Nigeria.

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