Foods that we love eat which may cause-effect in the eye

Food affects a greater percentage of our health. For healthy eyesight, we need to watch what we eat. We need to eat right so we can see right.

A lot of people when talking about the care of the eye based on nutrition only talk about what to eat, they do not tell you dangerous foods to avoid because of its negative effects on the eyes.

By avoid, I mean he minimizes the rate at which he eats them or when he does eat them he uses lots of fruits and vegetables to meet up the nutritional deficits of this meal.

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Now, without much Ado, here are the two classes of foods you should avoid so as not to damage your eyes.

Fried foods/cholesterol filled foods

Foods that we love eat which may cause effect in the eye

Fried foods contain high-fat contents. Fat/cholesterol can clog blood vessels including the ones that supply blood and nutrients to the eyes. When these arteries (blood vessels) are blocked, this will definitely have a damaging effect on the eyes.

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The lens, retina, eye muscles and other parts are all affected and this won’t yield a good result. Please avoid fried foods, cholesterol filled foods and junk foods. You are saving your eyes when you do so.

White food

Foods that we love eat which may cause effect in the eye

The next food is white food, by white, I mean white rice, yam, spaghetti, other pasta, bread e.t.c. Most of these white food contains nothing but starch. Starch has a high amount of glucose which can also block the blood vessels when undissolved in the body system.

Similar way cholesterol blockage disturbs the eyes is also how the glucose will affect the eyes, it might even do worse because oxidants(toxins) could be formed as a result of its presence.

Whenever you eat white foods, do well to back it up with fruits and vegetables so as to meet up with it’s nutritional deficit (my Uncle did it this way and it favoured him). Please kindly heed to this lesson taught here, and eat right to save your eyes.


Clement Uduak

AYODELE John and CLEMENT Uduak are students from the University of Benin, Nigeria. Studying Microbiology.

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