Drinking from the fountain of living water with Pst Victor Great

Topic: Stepping Forward In Life
Ministering: Pastor Victor Great

Text: Isaiah 41:10,13-14, Luck 6:44-45, Genesis 12:1-10, James 4:13, James 4:3, Genesis 26:22, 2Samuel 7:10, Act 17:28.

Hearing from God first

The ability to hear from God, or to know what God is saying about your life at a particular time and season, will help you take the right step about your life. It will help you to make the right decision regarding your life at that particular time and season. Not hearing from God is a recipe for disaster in making decisions and taking the right step of life. God does not delay people that have been able to found out the will of God for them at every given time. Waiting for God to do things that you alone would have been able to do for yourself will definitely delay you in life.

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Stop waiting for God to end a problem

Waiting for God in a place He directed you to be, will definitely help you to function well in life and fulfil your destiny. But waiting for him in a wrong place will delay your destiny. Every soil has what it’s producing, just as every destiny have a life pattern needed to enable it manifest. Living a lifestyle that is different from your destiny will delay you and might kill you without fulfilling it. If you want God to do a new thing in your life, you must provide the right platform for God to bless you.

Take a step forward to your destination

Waiting for God to do for you what you are meant to do for yourself will keep you in one spot for a long time, until you realize it and make the right move for God to guide you. When people are in the wrong pathway of life, and want to force God to do new things for them, they will remain in that spot. The reason most people think God does not answer prayers anymore, is because most of them are praying the wrong prayers. It takes you to be in the pathway of such blessing for God to bless you. You must play your part as a human being, for God to do His own part as God.

Going to a place because of the large crowd you see there, won’t guarantee you your blessings. Finding out if that place has what it takes to bless you, will definitely give you your blessings. But how will you know who to submit to in life, when you don’t even know who you are? Until you find out who you are, you won’t be able to know who to submit to. Asking God to give you something when you are in the wrong place, will definitely delay you in life and destiny.

Don’t believe in a man that does not believe in himself

Procrastination is a very powerful force in destroying rich destinies. You must plan your tomorrow today; nobody fails until they fail in themselves. Don’t believe in a man that does not believe in himself. Whatever God promises us will only manifest from the day we stand and make a move towards that promises. Until you take a step beyond where you are, there are things you won’t be able to achieve. When you find yourself in the right place, evil will not have much effect on you.

Every soil has what it’s produces, and it take men to make it work out. You can’t be announced on earth until you find yourself in a soil that is meant for you to function. There is a prepared place for every man on Earth, and until men locate that prepared place, they won’t be able to function on earth rightly. Every destiny has a prepared place on earth. No matter how you pray and fast, if you find yourself in the wrong environment in life and destiny, you must struggle.

Drinking From The River By The Throne Of God

Text: Revelation 22:1, Ezekiel 47:9, John 7:38, Psalm 46:4, Psalm 1:3, Zachariah 14:8, Psalm 56:8


  • Anyone that carried your matter, property or anything that belongs to you to do evil, they will not escape this week, they will die for your sake in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
  • Whosoever that has gone to evil altars to make war against you and every genuine member of your family, friends and love ones, from this day whatsoever they went to do against you, will return back to them in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
  • This week, your destiny helpers will surely locate you. They shall be restless until they give you the help you need this week in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.


Clement Uduak

AYODELE John and CLEMENT Uduak are students from the University of Benin, Nigeria. Studying Microbiology.

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