Do you know how RACISM began on the planet earth

By Enoch

Mr Enoch explains the mysteries behind racism

1COR 15:21

The dominion of an altar is preserved in sacrifice and character. (Judg 6:26) Altars of racism is an altar of prejudice, discrimination, to fulfil the satanic purpose (Lev 19:17). Whenever spirits want to influence the lives of men, an altar will be raised. The altar that must influence the physical and spiritual world of a man must be raised by a man through revelation (Gen 26:25).

The ancient altar of racism is found in the highest realm of the kingdom of darkness. The altar of racism is an ancient altar that is raised through a covenant of blood (Gen 4:1-16). The earth is a place of blood, Everything that the earth is suffering was birthed from the ancient. Nothing is new under the sun (Ecc 1:9). The dominion of satan is to convert men from their light of immortality to the darkness of mortality through wrong relationship and disobedience (Matt 4:6).

When God was creating the earth, He made all things good, which He created man to dress and keep the earth including all creatures (Ecc 3:11).

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Racism is a negative pattern where men stand to rebel against themselves and the true God from the influence of negative characters (1corr 6:18). The bible said, And God called Aaron and Mariam to address the differences between the assignment of Moses and theirs (Num 12:1).

It is evil to be jealous. (James 3:16), Racism is an ancient spirit that was established from the seeds of the fallen man… (Gen 4:1-16). When a man was banished from the place of unity and dominion, the lives of all creations was influenced to rebel against themselves in Eden (Gen 3:23). Lions became carnivorous from the influence of the fall of man. Anywhere there is an altar, a man is present.

There are 2 kinds of personalities on earth
  • Cultivators
  • Tillers (Gen 4:2)

What differentiates men on earth is thought. When Adam fell from the order of the Edenic dominion, satan depended on his fall to establish a covenant through the blood of Abel. (Gen 4:1-16). There are paths that lead to the altar of racism.

When Cain killed his brother Abel, an altar was raised that must produce a pattern to introduce death to the earth (Gen 4:1-16). The only dominion Satan has is a rebellious dominion. Anywhere there is a satanic covenant, a man-made himself a vessel. The earth is a kingdom of men (Ps 115:16).

The altar of racism was established from the blood of Abel through jealousy and hatred (Gen 4:1-16).
Racism is a spirit that builds a tent in the minds of men to fulfil its negative purpose (Jer 17:9). Hatred has been the problem of men on earth (Jer 17:9). Jesus Christ spent the time to introduce the light that must convert men to eternal love (John 14:6).

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The mission of satan to keep blowing the wind of hatred was forged from the altar of racism.
(Prov 10:12). Calvary represents an altar of love. Every man that must live beyond the spirit of racism must keep looking at the mirror of Christ from the light of their mind (Act 10:38).

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There is a path that leads to calvary;

Love, patience, kindness, Sacrifice. The spirit that must end racism is found in the eternal love of Christ… (1john 4:7-8). The strength of satan is forged from how men live their lives… One of the ways to defeat the spirit of the altar of racism is to love your neighbour as yourself… (1john 4:7-8)
Anywhere there is love the strength of satan is limited, while the strength of God dominates amongst men
(Ps 36:7). This is the season where the satanic altars will be judged by men on earth through genuine love…

The first sacrificial altar that was raised on earth was a man which brought death from hatred and a man also introduced a new altar of life and immortality (1cor 15:21). The earth is suffering pains because hatred has flooded the hearts of men (Jer 17:9). Nations fight against nations, Blacks fight against whites, Whites fight against blacks. Pastors and ministries fight against themselves (Mark 13:8).

It is not the difference in colours or tribes that enhance the ancient altar of racism, but the negative hearts of men.
Hating one another has been the order of the earth (1john 2:9). It is not possible to profess Christ and still live from the heart of hatred and jealousy against your brother (1john 4:20).

The path that leads to the altar of racism is found in Jealousy, Gossips, Envy, Indolent, Undiscovered self. The true God of every man is found in genuine love…


Clement Uduak

AYODELE John and CLEMENT Uduak are students from the University of Benin, Nigeria. Studying Microbiology.

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