Beckham reveals little secret of his favorite, Victoria Adam

David Beckham has revealed the details of his first meeting with Spice Girl Victoria, who was eventually destined to become his wife.

At the beginning though, Becks waited for a moment when he felt she had drank enough alcohol that he felt confident that his advances would not be repelled, as he went to ask for her phone number.

Beckham reveals little secret of his favorite, Victoria Adam

The 46-years old former England captain, who was playing for Manchester United at the time, said: “She came to watch me in a game in London with her manager at the time and one of the other Spice Girls, Sporty Spice.”

Asked by Fallon if the then-Victoria Adams was his favourite, a laughing Beckham replied: “She was obviously my favourite, might be a bit awkward if (she) wasn’t.”

He then told how Victoria travelled to Manchester the following week and they spoke for the first time, and said he still has a memento from the day.

Beckham said: “She’d had a couple of drinks so I decided why not, I’ll try and get her number.

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