Coronavirus: Actors are to provide their health certificate before shooting kissing scenes

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Following the emergence of Coronavirus in Nigeria, many people have taken to social media to react, most of whom have used the medium to advise people on staying protected from the deadly virus. Joining many others to speak on the contagious virus is Gideon Okeke.

The talented Nollywood actor has expressed concern about actors being susceptible to the virus due to their craft. Describing acting at a ‘contact sport’ the Tinsel actor and father of one spoke on the issue of shooting kissing scene amidst the spread of the virus.

He concluded his message by stating that actors should present their health certificate before shooting kissing scenes.

It is no doubt the confirmation of Coronavirus in Nigeria, has caused unrest amongst the citizens, with many people making sure to avoid getting infected. With this however, comes a lot of other issues bothering on racial profiling and discrimination.

Meanwhile, BBNaija star, and business entrepreneur, Ifu Ennada and Uriel Oputa, has reacted to the price increment of disposable face masks by pharmacists in Lagos state.

Following this, many Nigerians especially those in Lagos, are taking precautionary actions in order to avoid getting infected with the virus. One way is by wearing face masks. However, it appears sellers of these disposable face masks are using the opportunity to cash out as much as possible.

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